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Estate Planning, Elder Law and Family Protection

Estate planning is important.  It's more than about who should get your "stuff" when you pass away.  It's about how you can pass along your values to the next generation.  It's about  how you can protect your loved ones from creditors and predators.  It's about giving to charity if you wish.  Of course, estate planning can also save your family large amounts of money that would otherwise be lost to estate tax, or nursing home costs if you are facing these issues.

Many people are unaware that if you don't create your own estate plan, the government has its own standard plan waiting for you.  These "plans" do not look at individual family dynamics, which often create results that are completely contrary to what your wishes are.


To schedule a free consultation where we will work together to discover what plan will best serve you and your loved ones, call (614) 487-8887 or click on "Contact" to the left of the screen.  For more information, visit my Ohio Elder Law and Estate Planning Blog.


Estate Planning Practice Areas

A will is a document that everyone should have.  From directing how your assets should be distributed, to naming a guardian for your child(ren), a will is the starting point.  For those who are concerned with keeping thier financial affairs private, protecting their children from creditors and predators, avoiding probate, the estate tax, and/or for those who have more specialized planning needs, a trust may likely be for you.

  • Living Will

You may recall the sad story of Terri Schiavo, which brought the living will to the forefront of the minds of many people. Make your wishes known regarding artificial life support should you be unable to communicate for yourself.

  • Health Care Power of Attorney and Financial Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney documents are important so that decisions can be made for you should you become disabled.  Make sure that you have someone who is authorized to act on your behalf.

Lifetime family savings can be completely exhausted in a short time should nursing home care be required, since costs can easily reach $60,000 per year or more.  To find out how you can avoid this catastrophic scenario, contact me today.

Have you considered how your pets will be cared for should you leave them behind?  Studies have shown that thousands of animals are euthanized each year because their owners passed away, leaving no one to care for them.  Proper planning can prevent these situations.

Unmarried couples do not receive the important benefits that married couples receive automatically. Planning is especially critical in these cases to ensure your wishes are protected.

If you have a child that has a condition which makes them eligible for public assistance benefits, you may want to consider a special needs trust to supplement your child's quality of life once you are unable to, without making them ineligible for the benefits they need.

Don't make the same mistakes I made!  Despite a good High School career, I went through my undergraduate years with exactly $0.00 of free financial aid which was a strain on my family.  If I would have known the rules, I could have avoided several drastic errors that I made and increased my eligibility drastically.  Let me help you maximize your student's eligibility for financial aid while making them as attractive as possible to the schools they may wish to attend.


I am confident that I can help you design the plan to best meet your needs.  Contact me today to schedule an free consultation.

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